1. SSH: Interactive ProxyCommand

    I was involved in the creation of the sshephalopod project, which was an attempt to build an enterprise level authentication framework for SSH authentication using the SSH CA feature.

    The project is based on a wrapper script that signs a user via a SAML identity provider and gets user’s read time 5 min.

  2. SSH port-forwarding (Intermediate)

    In my previous blog entry I described some basic functionality of SSH in terms of port-forwarding. Now it’s time for a little bit more complex stuff.

    In this article I will highlight:

    • (forward) piercing of a firewall (getting access to resources behind it);
    • dynamic port-forwarding (AKA proxy);
    • (reverse) piercing read time 4 min.
  3. SSH port-forwarding (Basic)

    I think all of you are using SSH in your daily routines. However, do you use its full potential? Today’s topic is the SSH port-forwarding feature and how it can be use to achieve some interesting configurations.

    I’m sure most of you are aware of the feature, but read time 2 min.