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Transparent SSH host-jumping (Advanced)

In this brief article I am going to describe how I resolved a nagging issue I had with setting up access to hosts which are not directly reachable, but where you need to forward your connection through an intermediate host. Previously, I was using local SSH port-forwarding technique (although I was configuring the hosts I connect to in the ~/.ssh/config file instead of using the command-line options). However, this approach turned out to be quite inconvenient since every time I wanted to connect to a new host (and, possibly, through a new intermediate host) I had to edit my SSH configuration file and add something like the following: Host intermediate HostName HostKeyAlias intermediate LocalForward 10001 target:22 Host target HostName HostKeyAlias target Port 10001 The inconvenience came from two things: My ~/.ssh/config file was growing uncontrollablyEach time I needed to connect to the target host through the interm…