1. macOS builtin VPN client tricks

    I think everyone would agree that when it comes to the VPN configuration macOS builtin VPN client lacks any flexibility and its GUI exposes a fraction of supported features. This is one of the reasons why there are so many third party VPN clients for macOS in the world, I read time 1 min.

  2. Truly Responsive Pagination

    Searching the web for an example of a fully responsive pagination widget I found that either people consider “responsive” to be something else or that it is a non-trivial problem to solve. In any case, I decided to have a crack at it myself.

    A sketch of how pagination widget should work

    My definition of a responsive pagination read time 7 min.

  3. Migrating blog to Pelican

    I had my blog site for more than a decade now, but until now I was not putting any effort or thoughts into maintaining my audience or promoting the site. It was dormant for nearly a decade so I decided to rejuvenate it and start using it as a platform read time 6 min.

  4. SSH: Interactive ProxyCommand

    I was involved in the creation of the sshephalopod project, which was an attempt to build an enterprise level authentication framework for SSH authentication using the SSH CA feature.

    The project is based on a wrapper script that signs a user via a SAML identity provider and gets user’s read time 5 min.