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SSH port-forwarding (Basics)

I think all of you are using SSH in your daily routines. However, do you use its full potential? Today's topic is the SSH port-forwarding feature and how it can be use to achieve some interesting configurations.I'm sure most of you are aware of the feature, but how many of you are using it? Personally, I'm a bit obsessed with it and have found numerous cases where this feature of SSH is a real life saver.

HOWTO: VMware Player as a remote console (VNC)

Goal: get a VNC client to access VMware VMs from a Linux-based PC

Since I'm doing a lot of remote systems administration tasks due to the nature of my IT consulting work and since I'm also running Linux on all my computers I was looking for a native way how to get a remote console to VMware VMs from linux.

After some searching I found that VMware Player (which has native binaries for Linux) can be used as a VNC client to get to VMs consoles. However, once I've downloaded VMware player's bundle and was faced with its requirement to run the installation script as root I became quite unhappy with an idea of running some proprietary software on my machine as root, especially after looking into the bundle and the way the installation script was written. Moreover, there was no need for other parts of VMware Player -- I just wanted to have a small tool to be able to hook the remote consoles up under my lovely Linux environment. Therefore, I decided to take a challenge and to…