Automating Static Website Deployment

17 May 2020

In this post I am going to document the steps I took to implement a fully automated deployment of my blog using GitHub Actions and GitHub Pages.

As always, I started my journey with the definition of what I really wanted to get at the end:

  • The website is published on GitHub pages

    Since the website is static and all of its content can be easily downloaded using a web crawler (like wget --mirror https://website.tld) I was OK with read time 20 min.

Offloaded on blog

Migrating blog to Pelican

01 May 2020

I had my blog site for more than a decade now, but until now I was not putting any effort or thoughts into maintaining my audience or promoting the site. It was dormant for nearly a decade and I decided to rejuvenate it and start using it as a platform I could leverage to share some ideas I think which are worth sharing.

Before I embarked on the journey of renovating the blog site I needed to set some goals and requirements up, so I would be able to assess my progress and estimate how much effort is required. The read time 6 min.