Raspberry Pi 3 toolchain on CentOS 7

22 May 2016

I heard a lot about Raspberry Pi boards but until now I had no need nor time to work with one.

However, recently I purchased a Dodge Journey R/T and found that although I love the car I am so disappointed with its software and hard-wired logic that I decided to experiment a bit and fix the most annoying things.

Since almost everything inside the car is talking over the CAN bus I needed some kind of a enclave inside the car where I could run my code and inject/intercept CAN messages.

I looked around and found that read time 5 min.

Offloaded on linux

Building a firewall? Simple and easy!

22 May 2016

I strive for simplicity since I am a strong believer that achieving a goal with the most simplest solution looks elegant, proves that you have deep knowledge on the subject, and overall is beautiful by itself. Additionally to this, a simple solution is easier to comprehend and to audit, hence it is much easier to ensure the security of such a solution.

Over the last decade I stumbled upon numerous complicated firewalls erected on the NAT boxes with tens (sometimes, hundreds!) of rules describing the traffic flows and punched holes for some edge cases. Every time I wondered what kind read time 7 min.

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Transparent SSH host-jumping (Advanced)

In this brief article I am going to describe how I resolved a nagging issue I had with setting up access to hosts which are not directly reachable, but where you need to forward your connection through an intermediate host.

Previously, I was using the local SSH port-forwarding technique (although I was configuring hosts I connect to in the ~/.ssh/config file instead of using the command-line options). However, this approach turned out to be quite inconvenient since every time I wanted to connect to a new host (and, possibly, through a new intermediate host) I had to edit my read time 6 min.

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Should we use "sudo" for day-to-day activities?

18 July 2015

None of the systems I administer or supervise have sudo installed with the SUID bit set.

Every time I answer a question on how to do privileged work on these systems (i.e. do tasks that require administrator privileges) with a proposal to SSH under the privileged account directly to do such a work, whoever asked read time 15 min.

Offloaded on sudo

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